Tiger Crystal event

We have been selected to secure Tiger event. 20 of our teams have been deployed in the event area

Thai and Products Expo 2017

10 people of our team have been deployed to secure the area of the expo dated 25-28 May 2017.

About Our Company

Khmer Victor Security Service Limited Company is the leading security service provider company among the other security service provider companies in the Kingdom of Cambodia and has been incorporated by the experienced management for more than 20 years in field of security service, either the public institution or private sector with successes and acknowledgement by the clients of all institutions for the capacity of the management and leadership. Khmer Victor Security Service Limited Company obtained the license fro Ministry of Interior, the letter No. 966 ស.ជ.ណ and acknowledged the business register by the Ministry of Commerce, the letter No. MOC-7689179 ពណ.ចបព,.

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Why Choose Us

Risk Transfer

We can ensure to handle your risk properly.

Reliable Service & Price

We can ensure that you will have a greater service at a very reasonable price.

Responsive & Quick Aceptable

Commit to provide efficient and responsive service.

Improve Human Resource Workflow

We are well recruited and are properly trained.

Increase Productivity

Production is well prepared and executed.

What We Offer Here

Security Officer

Offering a security officers to handle security risk within your organisation.

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Security Training

Offering training by professional security trainer with many years of experiences.

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CCTV Camera System

We provide up-to-date CCTV camera and camera security solution.

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Cleaning Service

We can handle all of kind of cleaning services.

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