About Us


Khmer Victor Security Service Limited Company is the leading security service provider company among the other security service provider companies in the Kingdom of Cambodia and has been incorporated by the experienced management for more than 20 years in field of security service, either the public institution or private sector with successes and acknowledgement by the clients of all institutions for the capacity of the management and leadership. Khmer Victor Security Service Limited Company obtained the license fro Ministry of Interior, the letter No. 966 ស.ជ.ណ and acknowledged the business register by the Ministry of Commerce, the letter No. MOC-7689179  ពណ.ចបព, .


Our vision is a leading company in the private security service with acknowledgement by the national and international clients through high effective and professional transactions.


Given to all the clients for the excellent services in core and premium quality, ability, professionalism, accountability and high responsibilities to be concentrated on management, leadership with attention to strict skills selection, education, training, transparent motivation and perfect assessment to all securities and staff to keep the stability and excellent working atmosphere in favor of the clients, employer and company.


  • ·Disciplinary: always obey the morality, decency and professional ethics.
  • Client value: given the respect, ability, effective profession and equity settlement.
  • Accountability: perfection, non-discrimination, non-flattering, benefit in line with employment achievement. ·         
  • Responsibilities: focus on proper education, training with responsibility for its performance.
  • Teamwork: we motivated the work in group.
  •  Innovation: we focus on research of new knowledge for developing and expanding the service quality in line with the client’s requirement


  • Protection security
  • Car for rent (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Cleaner.
  • Armed security.
  • CCTV camera system.
  • Security training


Hotel Security is a growing business, scores of hotels across the world demand security of the best kind. Being a area with magnetic lure that’s seductive, security guards should be extra smart & swift to handle a security hazard before it spirals out of bound.It’s kind of peculiar, since both guests & staff are likely suspects, that bit of extra care needs to be taken.The security staff is imparted training to tackle smart criminals.Hotel guests stroll in and out and more often their security remains a growing concern. With our guards in place, they can continue to do so with even better ease, with less security threads.


We have a team of professional and experienced TRAINERS who move across our client locations to impart training. Training needs are assessed through a training audit process which is a continuous process.


It covers housing colonies, apartments, villas & such other home nests, a growing security danger. It’s a tough & demanding task, one that demands security of the best available kind.Global Security Services is known for its imaginative and creative approach to residential security. To ensure effective security, we concentrate on the perimeter of the colony and prevent infiltration of unwanted elements. All incoming traffic of automobiles and individuals is strictly controlled and closely monitored.Plus, our men are trained in fire fighting and have the knowledge of first aid that allows them to react quickly and deftly in case of any unforeseen crisis. The result is a long–standing association with a whole list of residential colonies.


We specialize in providing reliable Individual Securities as well as advisory services to individuals and corporations. The security personnel provided by us are adept in this domain and are capable of reacting to all kinds of enduring situations in a balanced and logical manner. These services can be availed at industry leading prices from us.The days of casual bank security norms is well behind us, growing customer sophistication, high technology & intense global competition has brought about a kind of change that is unbelievable. Customer–service and focus has been the force of change which pinpoints the quality of bank service. What’s resulted, banks have become more customer–friendly.Our security personnel are trained in all aspects to offer a winning smile every moment & backed by perfect manners & etiquette, they are your best routes to enter new hearts & retain old hearts.